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Commission Header by hiddenwriterspirit

:star::iconlaplz::star: Welcome to my store! :star::iconlaplz::star:

:bulletgreen: Commissions are now: OPEN

B/W Ani : Bonus - PAYPAL ONLY - Button by Drache-Lehre

:star: Prices :star:

:bulletgreen:Full Body(Colored): $7.00(USD)
Mara Chibi by hiddenwriterspiritLink Chibi by hiddenwriterspiritJack Frost Chibi by hiddenwriterspirit

:bulletgreen:Bust(Colored): $4.50(USD)
Mermaid Chibi by hiddenwriterspiritJason Chibi by hiddenwriterspirit

:bulletgreen:Full Body(Sketch): $3.50(USD)
Kara Chibi by hiddenwriterspiritEleanor Chibi by hiddenwriterspirit

:bulletgreen:Bust(Sketch): $2.00(USD)
Adella Chibi by hiddenwriterspiritMikasa Chibi by hiddenwriterspirit

:star: Rules :star:

:bulletred: All pries above are for chibis
:bulletred: I will not draw anything NSFW, excessive gore, yaoi, or yuri
:bulletred: Original Characters are allowed
:bulletred: I accept payment through Paypal
:bulletred: I will begin drawing when the payment is accepted
:bulletred: If I have not begun drawing, the payment may be refunded
:bulletred: Once completed, you may use the artwork for whatever you wish
:bulletred: HOWEVER you may NOT use it for profit
:bulletred: All prices are for ONE chibi. If more characters are desired, the price will multiply by the amount of characters.
:bulletred: Please make sure references are up-to-date, clear, and detailed enough
:bulletred: Do NOT send payment until I have responded to your order!
:bulletred: I can draw animals/beasts/half-humans such as these:
Izurda Chibi by hiddenwriterspiritWolf Link Chibi by hiddenwriterspirit
(Same rules and prices apply)

:star: How To Order :star:
:bulletblue: Send me a NOTE through DeviantART
:bulletblue: State what type of commission you would like
:bulletblue: Send at least ONE reference for each chibi
:bulletblue: State what sort of expression/pose you would like for your character
(If no expression/pose is given, I will choose myself)
:bulletblue: Tell me about your character (personality, special marks, etc.)
:bulletblue: Method of payment (Paypal(USD))

After I receive the note, I will send a note back with:
:bulletpurple: Individual Costs (if ordering more than one chibi)
:bulletpurple: Total Cost
:bulletpurple: Information on sending payment

:star::heart::star:Completed Commissions:star::heart::star:
Commission: Big Four Chibis by hiddenwriterspirit
Modern Big Four by hiddenwriterspirit

:heart:Commissions in progress:heart:
None! :(
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Submitted on
December 2, 2015


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