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June 8, 2013
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Genre: Crossover
:bulletblack:How to Train Your Dragon

Note: I haven't done much research on Norse or Celtic history/mythology. No flaming for inaccuracy please.


There was a buzz all around the castle. It was unnatural for the princess to bring anyone to the castle, let alone a nearly drowned boy with strange clothes, let alone a boy at all. Merida had left Maudie and other maids and nurses to tend to the boy as soon as they finally got him to a spare room as she herself was still soaking wet from the swim to rescue the lad. Soon, he was dried and left to rest as his breathing slowly went back to normal. 

Those who were especially excited were each named Hamish, Hubert and Harris. They always loved new visitors, conscious or not. Their poor mother and father had to fight them off the boy as Merida came in the castle.

Queen Elinor, on the other hand, had no idea what to think as she saw her own daughter carrying a skinny, weak, half-soaked boy back home. She had always hoped that one day her daughter would be carried off by a nice young man, not necessarily the other way around.

Thankfully he was accepted by King Fergus, who took special interest and almost constantly stayed by the boy's side, eager for him to wake up.

Though it wasn't until a day and a half that his eyes finally opened.


There was rain all around. Everything was wet. The rain became a lake, then the ocean. Wind blew from every direction, a rhythmic beating of wings coming faster. The wings were black, scaly and attached to a beast. It got closer, and closer, then-


Hiccup awoke with a jolt, his eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling.

He sighed, just a dream, and sat up in his bed. But wait. Hiccup looked around. He wasn't in his usual hard, wooden bed, instead he was propped on a soft mattress, a thick, wool blanket sitting on his lap to keep him warm. His eyes searched the room, looking for something familiar. A small fireplace sat next to him, the fire died away to embers. The room was filled with furs and weapons for decoration, and a small window was at the other end of the room. Judging by the amount of light coming from it, Hiccup judged it to be close to noon.

He looked down to find he was not wearing his usual green tunic. Instead he wore a plain, blue, long-sleeved shirt, trimmed with two brass buttons. His dark green pants were also replaced by something that made the lost viking blush.

Am I wearing a skirt? he thought, seeing the thick, carefully woven material wrapped around his waist, reaching just below his knees and supported by a small, brown belt.

He placed his head in his hands. What happened? Then he remembered. The storm.

"Toothless!" he cried, remembering the last time he saw his friend, the poor dragon was being swept away by the sea. With eagerness to find his dragon he stood up quickly when-


Hiccup was sprawled on the floor, his shoulder banging into the side of the bed. While grabbing his shoulder, he turned to look down, only to be even more surprised. 

The prosthetic Gobber made for him was gone.


"Hah!" Merida shouted, swinging her blade horizontally at her father who managed to block it with his own. The two of them decided to have a little sword practice in the courtyard before Merida's princess lesson of the day.

After blocking her attack, King Fergus lunged forward, forcing Merida to leap away just before having to block her father's next move. After pushing his sword away, she came back down with a vertical strike. Seeing this, he mustered much of his energy and returned her attack by swinging his sword up, and Merida's sword was knocked out of her hand.

Merida looked to her weapon for a moment, then got a better idea. At full speed she ran toward her father and tackled him to the ground. Apparently her brothers were watching them because it wasn't too long before they were there as well, jumping all over the burly man. They rolled all over the green grass, laughing till their stomachs hurt.

Unfortunately their fun was short lived as Queen Elinor came walking up, casting a shadow over the pile. Merida groaned, slowly getting up, knowing it was time for her lesson.Today, Merida was to be practicing her public speaking.

"Have fun!" the King giddily called out, still wrestling with the triplets on the ground.

Both Merida and the queen rolled their eyes, walking back inside the castle.

After a while of pinning and prying three energetic, young boys, Fergus gave a long sigh, signifying he was done. The boys realized this, and ran off to find something to eat.

The exhausted king stumbled into the castle, the thumping of his wooden peg on the stone floor echoing through the castle as he entered its massive doors. He decided to check on their little "visitor" one last time for the day, and headed upstairs. Still a bit giddy from the day's small event, he hummed a traditional tune his wife always loved to sing as he swung his arms to the beat of his steps. Turning the corner, he came to the desired door, but before he was able to grasp the handle, he heard a voice from behind it yell something followed by a loud thumping noise.

Cautiously, he opened the door, only to see the confused brown-haired boy rubbing his shoulder and looking at his missing foot.

"Yer awake!" the King cried, startling Hiccup, who hadn't realized he was no longer alone.

Next thing the viking knew, he was surrounded by all different kinds of people, many of whom help him back onto the bed where he could sit up. All of them kept asking him questions, most of which consisted of his health. The boy could barely keep up, not knowing who to answer first, so he remained quiet.

"Alright everyone! Give the lad some space!" a voice called over all the others, "Ah'm sure he's exhausted an' he doesn't need the likes of ye pourin' all over him."

Hiccup sighed as everyone left the room, thankful to whomever spoke out. Though two people still remained after all the others had gone, one being a rather large man (even larger than his father), the other a slender woman with dark brown hair. She had a certain air about her that just made her the most superior person in that room, and as she approached him, Hiccup couldn't help but feel intimidated.

"Welcome," the woman said, "my name is Queen Elinor. This," she gestured to the large man, "is my husband, King Fergus."

Hiccup nodded to both of them, but still remained silent. However this didn't help much, as Queen Elinor waited for him to say something. After a good minute of silence, Elinor decided to speak up again.

"I'm sure you must be confused. You are in the land of clan DunBroch, located on the shores of Scotland. You washed up on our shores only a few days ago."

Hiccup's eyes widened at the word "Scotland." Never before had he imagined he would set foot in the land of the Scotts. Nor had he imagined he would be rescued by them and nursed back to health.

For so long, he had hated the Scotts for killing his mother but- He looked up at Queen Elinor and King Fergus. The look in their eyes gave no sign of hostility or death.

But they KILLED her! his brain screamed at him. Hiccup placed his head in his hands, resting his elbows on his legs.

The King and Queen had no idea what to do. They just stared at the boy in silence, letting him absorb all that was happening.

Hiccup's mind, on the other hand, was racing as fast as Toothless could fly. He just stared at the floor, relaying all that had happened, his mother's eyes, her hand, her heart...stopped. All gone. He closed his eyes, then looked back at the couple's faces. But what if it was a different clan? he thought. There are more clans than one in Scotland. He gave a small sigh, and his mind calmed a bit, but his heart continued to race.

It raced even faster and almost stopped when a large deer head fell in front of his face upside-down. He fell over backwards past the bed and onto the floor, hitting his head on the stones of the fireplace. 

"Hamish! Hubert! Harris! Get down from there!" Queen Elinor called.

Hiccup grunted as he rubbed his head, and looked up to see three small red-head boys laughing, and clamoring off the roof of the bed. The boys gathered around their mother who scolded them as King Fergus came to help Hiccup back on the bed.

"Ah'm very sorry 'bout that." he said, "Boys will be boys."

Unfortunately that line only earned him a very cold look from his wife.

"These are our sons, Hamish, Hubert, and Harris. The three princes of DunBroch." she said.

Hiccup nodded to them as he did their parents, but as he looked at them, he could notice they were triplets. Each of them wearing long-sleeved shirts with a wrap patterned much like his own "skirt" and supported by a much too large belt. And each one wore a bright, childish smile.

"Boys," the Queen continued, "this young man is a GUEST in our home. Be nice to him, he's had a rough trip here."

The princes just giggled, and ran out of the room.

"Don't worry about them," she said to Hiccup, "they play jokes, but they mean well."

"Aye, they're probably off ta raid th' kitchen now. Speain' of which, are ye hungry?" the King questioned.

Hiccup hadn't thought of that till now. He was just about to shake his head no when his stomach gurgled very loudly.Right afterward, the King laughed loudly.

"Ha, well ah suppose that's a yes." and with that he left the room, coming back with a large wooden pole with a rounded chunk of wood at one end of it.

"Here," he said , handing it to Hiccup, "Ye can use this as a crutch fer now."

Hiccup took it, and stood placing it under his right armpit. He tried to take a step, but nearly fell over, making his face turn a bit red. He had never used a crutch before. Gobber had made his prosthetic while he was still unconscious after his battle with Red Death.

Fergus chuckled a bit, but he guided the boy as he slowly made his way out the door, and the two of them followed Queen Elinor through the hallway.

As he limped his way through the castle, he could see where a large opening was coming up, and he could hear a small voice echoing off the walls. He strained his neck to see what was going on, and who was speaking.

As they came to the opening, Queen Elinor shouted, "Louder! We need to hear you from every corner of the castle!"

A disgruntled girl's voice groaned, then began to sing:

"A naoidhean bhig, cluinn mo ghuth
Mise ri d' thaobh, O mhaighdean bhan
Ar righinn oig, fas as faic
Do thir, dileas fhein"

Hiccup looked in the room to see a young girl with wild, red hair. Her bright blue eyes stood out against her pale skin, though they were only half-open, giving her an annoyed look on her face. Her back was straight, and her hands folded in front of her stomach as she continued to sing.

"A ghrian a's a ghealaich, stuir sinn
Gu uair ar cliu 's ar gloire
Naoidhean bhig, ar righinn og
Mhaighdean uashaill bhan*"

She was done by the time they reached the bottom of the stairs that led down into the room, and when she finished, she looked to her mother for approval.

"Very good," her mother said, nodding her head.

"Ah still don' see how singin' is gonna help me with speakin'." the girl said.

"It'll sustain your voice, and help you to speak for long periods of time. And I think you're done for today, we were just about to go to the dining hall for lunch, would you care to join us? Our guest is awake now."

The red-head leaned over to look at Hiccup, giving him a sideways look.

"Ye look different now that yer out of th' water an' dry."

Hiccup had no idea how to respond. Never before had he been greeted in such a way, so he just said the first thing that came to his mind.

"I'm sure you look different wet too."

He regretted saying anything at all. His cheeks went a deep red as they all stared at him. Merida was just observing him, but the King and Queen were shocked to hear his voice for the first time. Hiccup just wished he could shrink away into nothing.

Eventually, Queen Elinor just smiled, and broke the silence.

"Ahem, might I introduce you to our daughter, Merida."

Hiccup was about to nod like he did to the other members of the family, but he wasn't quick enough, and Merida stuck out her hand, waiting to shake his. Queen Elinor just rolled her eyes. She had hoped Merida would curtsy as she had been teaching her, but there was no helping it.

The boy took her hand slowly, "I'm Hiccup." he said.

The King and Queen were once again stunned to hear him speak, but Merida couldn't help but give a small snort. Never before had she heard such a name. She continued chuckling until her mother snapped a look at her, and Merida looked away.

"Well now," started the King, "shall we dine?"


"...Mor'du has never been seen since. And is roamin' the wild, waitin' his chance of revenge!"

Hiccup clapped his hands to the story, though he was the only one. All the other family members (minus the Queen who was silently eating her food) had their heads either lying on the table, or leaning back, giving the impression of annoyance and boredom. This was only the millionth time they've heard the tale of Fergus: The Bear King. Hiccup, on the other hand, enjoyed the story, and was eager to hear more.

"So, did you ever see Mor'du again?"

"Aye, we did, but that's another tale."

"So what about ye?" Merida cut in. She was more excited to hear a story she hadn't heard before.

"Me?" Hiccup said.

"Ah'm sure ye have an interesting story t' go with yer leg."

"Merida!" her mother snapped, "You don't ask such questions!"


"You never know if someone is sensitive about something like that!"

"No, no, its okay." Hiccup said, raising his hands, though he didn't know exactly how to tell his story at all. He didn't exactly feel like telling them he was a viking. There was no telling what they'd do to him.

"Uh, well, it was nothing special really. My foot just got burned really bad." he said nervously.

"Oh, really? From what?" Merida questioned.

Hiccup's eyes widened. He wasn't sure if there were dragons here, and if there weren't, well...he wasn't sure they'd believe him.

"Oh, um...well, you see, I stepped in, uh, a fire pit, and uh, my boot caught fire!"

Merida nodded, but she gave him a questionable look. His tone wasn't very convincing.

"Well, I think that's enough of that," said Queen Elinor, seeing how uncomfortable the boy was, "Merida, why don't you go show him around?"

"Mum! Do ah have to?"

"Yes. Go on, you'll have fun!"

Merida groaned, but she grabbed Hiccup's crutch, and helped him up leading him away. Queen Elinor smiled as they walked away.

Fergus looked at his wife with a raised eyebrow. When Elinor saw him, she said, "What?"

"Yer enjoyin' this."

"Well yes. Merida doesn't have any friends. This may be the opportunity of a lifetime for her to socially interact with anyone."

Fergus chuckled, "Speakin' of, have ye talked to her yet?"

"About what?"

"Why she's been so distant lately."

"Well I...I tried. But it's like she locked herself away from me. Why don't you talk to her?"

"Heh! Ye want ME to talk t' her?"

"She'd tell you anything. She won't even come near me unless I call her for a lesson now."

"Hmm, maybe you could ask her new 'friend' 'bout it!"


"Well, if ye wanted her t' be his friend. What are friend's for?"

"Fergus, I can't use the boy for personal reasons. He's been through enough."

"Ye don't know what's he's been through."

"But I know enough to know he doesn't want to talk about it. An' that's enough for me."

"Alright lass, have it yer way. But ye have to figure out what to do about Merida soon."

She sighed as he stood, and walked out of the room.

*Song: Noble Maiden Fair from the movie BRAVE by Emma Thompson and Peigi Barker. Translation to come later in the story.
A HTTYD and Brave crossover.

Made by Naomi

Beware: none of this has been edited.

Woo, they meet! Not much interaction though. There'll be more development later on.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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Chapter 6
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Chapter 8
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Chapter 11
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Chapter 14

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Freaky-Adorabeezle Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It's my favorite song from Brave
Freaky-Adorabeezle Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Guess Merida is still sorta ashamed for her Turning her mother into a bear. ^^;
JayaLaw Jun 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I love the triplets here; they are such playful monsters. Also that Hiccup is cautious to not reveal who he is.
Is Toothless all right?
I was thinking of Hiccup revealing who he was, but I decided to save that for another scene.
Don't worry, we'll find out about Toothless soon enough!
JayaLaw Jun 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Okay, as long as he is alive. And better that you saved it; Hiccup has a bit to deal with at the moment.
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