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May 29, 2013
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Genre: Crossover
:bulletblack:How to Train Your Dragon

Note: I haven't done much research on Norse or Celtic history/mythology. No flaming for inaccuracy please.

Ten Years Later

"Merida!" called the voice of a noble woman. A young, redhead girl turned over in her bed, tangling her frizzy hair.

"MERIDA!" called the voice again. A beautiful, slender woman strode into the small bedroom decorated with furs and weapons. "Merida, it's time to get up."

The girl groaned, and slowly sat up in her bed, her nightgown slightly slipping off her shoulder. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut as soon as her mother opened the window to let in the sunlight. "Mum..." she groaned, "too early..."

"Th' early bird gets the worm, Merida." stated the woman, "Now get up." and with that she pulled her covers off her daughter and helped her up to get dressed.

The girl named Merida slipped into her usual dark blue dress and headed downstairs with her mother for breakfast. Just before she closed the door, she looked over to her bow that was propped neatly against her chest at the end of her bed. Sighing, she closed the door without it. Ever since her adventure the year before, she promised herself to be more diligent to her mother's lessons, as her mother promised to respect her freedom.

The two of them went down the stone steps, one seemed to be gliding, the other bounding with her red hair bouncing up and down with each step. Halfway down, the woman in her green dress stopped and glared at her daughter, who gave a sigh, straightened her back, and walked as her mother did the rest of the way down.

As the got to the dining room, a large man was sitting at one end of the table, quietly eating his large portions. Three triplets with bright red hair, much like Merida, sat to the man's left, lining an entire side of the table.

"Mornin', Fergus." said the woman, kissing the man on the head as she walked by.

Merida sat herself down at the table, her mother sitting to her right, across the table from the King.

"Merida," started the woman, "today, we will be learning about etiquette."

Merida gave a long groan. She hated etiquette more than all the other lessons, but she took a deep breath, sat up straight, and let her mother lecture about how to eat, what to say for a dinner conversation, what to avoid, etc. etc. etc.

Quietly, she did as she was told, her father and brothers leaving the table eventually. Her body did everything that was to be expected, but her face gave a continual scowl.

Suddenly, as Merida was being told to never chew with her mouth open for the thousandth time, Maudie, the maid came bustling in. 

"You Majesty," she started, walking over to Merida's mother, "A messenger from Lord Macintosh is requestin' an audience with ye."

"Lord Macintosh?" she said, standing up, "did he say what about?"

"No ma'am."

"Very well then. Merida, you are excused."

Excited, the bright rush of red hair ran up the stairs for her bow and quiver. "See ye later mum!" she called.

"Be careful! And be back after noon!" the Queen called after her.

Quickly, before her mother could change her mind, Merida ran out the back door and saddled her faithful steed and companion, Angus before riding off into the woods.


It was dinner time, and King Fergus was telling his nightly tale of the time he faced the dreaded bear, Mor'du. The three princes quietly ate their dinner, occasionally mocking their father, emphasizing the amount of times he's told the tale. The Queen paced the room, her food and another plate untouched.

"...his hide littered with th' weapons of fallen warriors. Ah drew my sword-"

"Oh, Fergus! Do you not care for your daughter at all?" she interrupted.

The puzzled King stopped. "Elinor, I'm sure she's fine! She's strong and she knows how te take care o' hersself."

"That's not what I meant!" Fergus gave her a puzzled look. Elinor sighed, "She's becomin' more rebellious as b'fore. I's like she's tryin' to avoid me."

"Ah, c'mon!" Fergus started. All of a sudden, a large bang of a door closing was heard through the hall. "See? Tha's probably her now."

Sure enough, there was Merida, dirty and exhausted from riding all day. She strolled in, and sat down at her place at the table. She started eating when her mother came up behind her.

They stood there in silence, a great tension building up between the two. King Fergus looked very awkward, and, not wanting to get mixed up in the mess, gestured to his sons to leave. They all quietly went out of the room, though they all agreed to leave the door slightly open to hear everything going on.

Convinced they were gone, Queen Elinor began to speak. "You're late."

"No. Ah'm not."

"Oh, you're not are you?"

"No, all ye said was t' come after noon. Well, i's after noon mum."

"You knew what I meant."

"So what if ah did?"

"Dear, I can't help but get the feelin' that you don't want t' be near me."

Merida quickly spun around in her chair, "Ah never said that!"

"Well, if that's not it, then what is? You've been actin' very strange for months now, an' I don't know what it is."

Merida lowered her head. "Neither do I..."

"Well, ye had better find out soon, lass. You spend more time by yourself than ever. Even during our lessons I feel you just go in a trance an' ignore everythin' I say."

Merida stood up, nearly knocking over her chair. "Ah jus' need some time t' think!"

"Think about what?" her mother called, chasing after the angry princess as she stormed off to her room. After she finally caught up to her, she grabbed her daughter's hand, keeping her from disappearing in her room. "Tell me what's wrong, and I'll help you!"

Merida pulled her hand away, but she didn't close her door. She just stood there, her massive hair covering her face.

Queen Elinor looked at her daughter. Never before had she seen her so emotional. "Merida..." she started.

Merida just ignored her, and slowly closed her door.


Life was never the same after the death of Vahallarama, but it had changed even more after the chief's son had made peace with the dragons living near Berk. Now it seemed everyone had a dragon, and a problem to go with it.

Hiccup was given the wonderful duty of solving everyone's problems that has to do with a dragon, alongside all the other Hooligans of Berk.

The night was peaceful, but the same was not said for a certain large house at the top of a hill. Inside, a playful dragon bounded around the crossbeams, his annoyed owner trying to chase him. They crashed over beds, the fire pit and just about everything else.

Stoick sighed as he heard the noise coming up the road. He was already exhausted from the day, and he didn't feel like dealing with any more dragons. Once inside, he saw his only son pleading with his dragon as he held a viking helmet in his mouth. Seeing his father, Hiccup froze.

"Oh, hi dad."

Unfortunately, the dragon was less interested in the large man standing in the doorway, so he quickly jumped on Hiccup, toppling him over and leaped away to sit on the highest beam near the roof.

"C'mon!" Hiccup groaned. "We've already been through this!"

Stoick watched in silence as he watched his son chase his dragon all around the house again. He knew there wasn't much he could do, but he did wish his son would take more care of one of the few memories left of his deceased wife.

After Hiccup had finally gotten his helmet, he placed it on his bed, and looked down to his father, who had put the fire pit back together, and was sticking a large fish on a stick to cook it.

"Sorry dad. I made you some dinner. Its just a certain SOMEONE" he stared at his trusty dragon, Toothless, "knocked it over."

"That's alright, Hiccup." Stoick said quietly.

Hiccup was stunned. His father was never this quiet, nor was he ever this forgiving. Normally he would yell a bit before letting his son try to explain or fix whatever was wrong. Hiccup gave him a sideways glance, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Dad, are you okay?"

Stoick gave another heavy sigh, "I'm surprised you forgot."

Hiccup tried to look as innocent as ever. "Forget what?"

The large chief stood up, letting his fish cook over the flames. He turned to his son, looking in his eyes, searching to believe if he spoke the truth. However, all Hiccup could see through Stoick's eyes was sadness and tears.

"Today's the anniversary."

Hiccup was just about to ask: The anniversary of what? when he remembered. Today was the day his mother died.

"Oh." was all Hiccup could say. But inside he was screaming at himself for being so busy and not remembering.

A long silence surrounded all of them. Stoick knew he couldn't yell at his son, after all, he'd been so busy and this was the first year with the dragons living at Berk. But he still felt a bit of disappointment that he couldn't remember. 

Toothless, not understanding what was going on, quietly walked up next to Hiccup and nudged his arm. Hiccup patted his head, but as he looked back at his father, the guilt returned. He didn't know what to say to him. He decided to try to make his resolve as subtle as possible.

"Hey, Toothless," he said to his green-eyed friend, "would you like to meet my mother?"

Toothless only cocked his head, but Hiccup thought it was a good enough response to jump on his back and disappear into the darkness of the night.

After they were gone, Stoick sat down, closing his eyes. "Odin help me..."

Vahallarama's grave was located at the edge of the village, perfectly surrounded by trees so it couldn't be disturbed by dragons back when they were the enemy. It was dark and clouds began to block out the bright full moon, but Hiccup could still find the carefully placed grave, and he and Toothless managed to land only a few blocks away from the site. As the pair walked, Hiccup told the story of how his mother died, despite Toothless' lack in understanding him. Once they reached their destination, Hiccup just stood there, not saying a word. Toothless nudged him, expecting something to happen. 

Hiccup simply smiled and gestured to the grave, "Toothless, meet Vahallarama the Fierce."

The dragon couldn't understand how a rock could be a viking's mother, but he slowly walked up to it, sniffed it for a moment, then licked it showing his condolences. He looked over at Hiccup, who smiled at the playful dragon. But it was at that moment the rider remembered something. Quickly, he pulled out a small booklet, filled with drawings he had done of the dragons around Berk, but this time he turned to a page he hadn't opened in a while.

The two of them stayed there for hours as Hiccup scribbled in the small leather-bound book. But as the night drew on, Toothless became restless, and the time came where he noticed something wrong. The wind began to blow harder, and more and more clouds came to cover what little light they had. He urgently nudged Hiccup, trying to get him to leave.

Oblivious to the change in climate, Hiccup shoved him back. "What is it?" But it soon became evident as a sharp wind cut through their small protection of trees, nearly knocking the skinny boy over.

Fear filling both of them, they ran away into the clearing, and Hiccup mounted the dragon, prepared for takeoff. But as they shot off into the sky, the harsh winds returned, and blew the both of them off the island. Hiccup began to panic. They tried their best to fight against mother nature, but soon it started raining as well, and instead of it being simply hard to see, it was now impossible to see for both him and the dragon. It wasn't long before lightning joined in, always followed by thunder. 

Dragons were delicate creatures, and despite them having nerves of steel, never has one willingly flown off into a storm. Toothless' fear became terror, and soon, the boy couldn't control him any longer. 

"C'mon, buddy. It'll be alright." He continuously tried to open Toothless' prosthetic, but as he did, the dragon closed its other fin, sending them flying into the sea.

"Toothless!" Hiccup tried to swim to the dragon, but it had been harder to maneuver in water ever since his own foot was replaced.

"Toothless!" he continued, but his calls were drowned out by the crashing waves and booming thunder.

Hiccup could only call out to his best friend one last time before he could no longer hear the roars of a scared dragon.


Merida lifted her head to smell the salty sea air. She had decided to sneak out again, giving herself time to be out and alone. Though this time, she left Angus behind, letting him rest from all the times she made him run through the forest during the week.

She sighed as she trudged along the sandy shore, thinking about her argument with her mother only a few days before. She hadn't meant to be so blunt when she walked in for dinner, but...

She sighed again, and sat down to look at the open ocean. She imagined ships passing by, ships coming into the docks, ships floating away into the sky, even ships shrinking somewhere off into the distance.

Wait a momen' She thought. There WAS something off in the distance. But it wasn't a ship, it was something much smaller. The current slowly brought it closer and closer, till she saw-

"Losh*! Is tha' a boy?" She jumped up and leaned her body closer to the water and squinted her eyes to see if she was wrong.

Realizing she wasn't, she dove into the ocean, water rushing all around her. After swimming 50 yards out, she reached out and grabbed the limp body. Her arms were soon becoming numb from the cold water, but she managed to drag the skinny boy to the shore before collapsing herself. She was out of breath, but she sat up to examine her discovery.

He was a rather skinny boy with messy, brown hair. His clothes indicated he was definitely not from around there, but she she continued to examine him, she noticed a point where his left leg stopped. She gasped and nearly fell backward. His foot was missing!

She quickly recollected herself, as it was not unnatural for her to see a missing leg. Her own father lost one of his legs in a mighty battle against the legendary bear Mor'du. 

She leaned in closer to the seemingly dead body, cautious as ever as though he might leap up at her at any moment. The princess sighed once it was discovered that he was breathing, even it if was very weak. He needed help, and fast. Merida quickly took off her own well-knitted cloak and wrapped it around the unconscious boy, and carefully lifted him into her arms, making sure as to not jostle him too much. She cursed under her breath for a moment for not bringing Angus with her. Fortunately, the lack in muscle on the body matched his weight, and she was able to carry him with ease.

After one final adjustment, she carried the newcomer back home.

*A Scottish exclamation
A HTTYD and Brave crossover.

Made by Naomi

Beware: none of this has been edited.

Finally got Merida in there. Sorry but she doesn't get a backstory. Her movie was enough.

So, a lot may seem a bit confusing, and non-explained, but I promise it'll all make sense eventually.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
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Chapter 13
Chapter 14

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JayaLaw May 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
The gods must be looking out for Hiccup; he managed to stay afloat in the stormy seas! I hope Toothless can find him.
Hmmm, maybe I should've given him a raft or log or something. Would've made it more realistic.
JayaLaw May 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hm. In the HTTYD books Hiccup invents primitive swimming floats out of pig bladders. Or it could be that the sea likes those riding Night Furies.
Well, people can imagine it how they like. If there is some flotation device, cool. It's not like it'll ruin the plot.
JayaLaw May 31, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
True. I'll just think that the gods are looking out for Hiccup.
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